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Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue

by Kevin Neary


It came out of the blue (1)
as I drifted in and out of sleep
on a train bound for Shanghai.
Long ago I cast my fate to the wind (2)
and nothing will ever change that (3).
Spent a lifetime and traveled down the ancient highway (4)
only to come full circle (5).
What a funny way to find right where I needed to be
not far from where it all started, living in the country (6).
Linus and Lucy (7) had been banished from the garden
I had to shut them out to keep my sanity.
But in the seventh year in a place so far away
the curse was lifted as spring turned to summer.
and once again I found Loretta and Desiree’s Bouquet (8).
The fragrant fields (9) came to life.
The hummingbird (10) returned to the garden (11)
…and once again, I could hear the lullaby (12).


1 – Out of the Blue, George Harrison

2 – Cast Your Fate to the Wind, George Winston

3 – Nothing Will Ever Change That, Carlos Vamos

4 – Ancient Highway, Van Morrison

5 – Full Circle, Carlos Vamos with Stanley Jordan

6 – Living in the Country, Pete Seeger, arranged by George Winston

7 – Linus & Lucy, George Winston performs the music of Vince Guaraldi

8 – Loretta and Desiree’s Bouquet, George Winston

9 – Fragrant Fields, George Winston

10 – Hummingbird, George Winston

11 – The Garden, Winston

12 – Lullaby, Winston


This poem came to me almost entirely in one sitting. I was traveling in China and listening to a selection of music that I had copied onto an MP3 player. The dozen song titles within make it seem almost as if this poem wrote itself. After jotting down notes on the train, I returned to finish it a couple months later.

The songs listed were written many years ago and I have known and listened to them for decades. Some of the arrangements for piano became difficult for me to listen to without dragging up some pain from the past. It is curious how sometimes music, a song can be so closely associated with events of one’s life. I forced myself to shut them out until one day all the pain didn’t matter anymore. The curse had been lifted. The final five songs mentioned in the poem are an especially beautiful arrangement for piano. The album titled SUMMER by George Winston is where you can hear them.


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