Oct 04

Is autumn the end of the gardening season?

Autumn is upon us and the leaves have begun to change to their final display of colors. It is a lovely time of year. The daylight hours are noticeably shorter. The air is crisp and cool. I feel the heavy dew each morning as I go to look at the last few crops in my …

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Sep 24

Visiting MoMA and what is great art?

I am intrigued by some works of Modern Art. Acknowledged masters like Salvador Dali (surrealism), Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau (post-impressionist), Georges Seurat (pointillism), Andrew Wyeth (realism), and others have often times offered us a view of the world from an obscure perspective. Sometimes we are given a chance to see into the …

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Aug 26


Summertime provides gardeners an opportunity to get our hands back in the warm soil…to feel the earth and smell the richness of her fertility. Cultivating soil and nurturing seed to mature food crops holds a certain restorative quality. I think it is good for the soul. I do some of my best thinking in the …

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Jul 17


This article was written by Teacher Kevin in October of 2011 and posted on Midori’s blog, translated to Japanese. I have edited the document to add some hyperlinks for further reading. A DAY TRIP TO NYC Recently, I had an enjoyable visit from my Japanese friend, Midori and her daughter. During her stay we decided …

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Jun 19

Amsterdam Weekend

While visiting in London this past March, we decided to take a weekend trip across the English Channel to Amsterdam, Holland, also known as The Netherlands. Amsterdam is a lovely city offering good food, art, architecture, a lively night scene, coffeeshops, shopping, and a very friendly atmosphere. It is an easy hop from London Heathrow …

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Jun 02

London 2012

  My flight to London/Heathrow was scheduled to arrive at 6:50 but due to strong tailwinds we were ahead of schedule by almost an hour. It was my first bit of travel to go with only carry-on luggage. The case I got for carry-on fit all required dimensions and I packed most of my things …

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