Jul 10

Peas in a Pod…or not?

Peas in the pod.

Fresh peas – follow this link to learn more.

Two varieties I like to grow (and eat) are the sugar snap and snow peas. Both are edible pod varieties.

There are, of course, other varieties which the shells are simply too tough to be eaten. For me the edible pod variety is best, because of their sweetness and because I don’t care to go to the trouble of shelling peas. If I raised pigs I might be inclined to grow peas that require shelling, because the shell can be used as fodder for the hogs, but I don’t so I won’t.

One of the nice things about peas is that they can be planted quite early in the spring and they grow quickly so they are one of the first crops to be harvested in early summer. I was able to plant some of the edible pod snow peas just before I left for my trip to Hong Kong in late April.

Shelled peas.


When I returned I did another sowing of sugar snaps as my second planting. Both of these varieties are producing in abundance now. I may also plant another batch in late July to harvest in September.

One trick I have found to aid in boosting production is to add a bit of bonemeal to the row at the time the seeds are sown.

Peas are a climbing plant, so it is important to have a trellis for them to climb up.

Some of the pods grew quickly and became large and a little tough, so I decided to shell those and just mix them together with those still in the pod.

Peas with shallots and soy sauce.


It is always such a great reward for me when I harvest the first crops of the season. I’ve had several servings of fresh pea this season already.

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    • Morning on July 10, 2017 at 8:57 pm
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    Wow! The last picture makes me feel so hungry now! It is torture to let a starving student read this article.
    But I must to say,it is the best way to enjoy food like you, just pick off from the garden and then cooked by green ways. Keep up hard work on the way of losing weight haha.

    1. There two vegetables that I believe must be eaten fresh; corn and peas. Each of these veggies are very high in sugar, but once they have been picked the sugars turn to starch very rapidly. Best to eat them in less than 6 hours after harvest.
      Thanks for your encouragement on my diet. It is so difficult to stop eating when things taste so good!

    • May on July 15, 2017 at 3:20 am
    • Reply

    How fresh the peas are!
    Wow, how tasty the dish is!
    The colour green always makes us feel so close to nature.
    While, nature rewards those who love her.
    May you enjoy the beautiful, golden harvest season.
    And do not forget “stay hungry”, haha.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement on keeping to my diet, May.

    • Judy Zhao on July 24, 2017 at 10:48 am
    • Reply

    Peas, peas I love you!——after I read this article, I started to love peas, especially after I opened the link to “learn more” and learned 10 health benefits of peas. Wow, so many benefits!
    Thank you Kevin, you let me know healthy food, healthy life and much useful knowledge. I’m your faithful fan forever!

    1. Peas wether in the pod or not are delicious and so good for you.
      I am pleased you liked the article and found it informative. Thanks for your high praise and continued interest in my blog, Judy.

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