Mar 16

Springtime in the Poconos

Springtime also known as the Vernal Equinox does not officially arrive until Monday, March 20th at 4:30 PM EDT.

A little before 7 AM on the 14th of March. Blizzard conditions.


The end of the winter season and particularly the month of March in my region is unpredictable as it relates to the weather. We had an unusually mild February. Unusual because February is most often one of the worst months for winter storms. It seems as if the months of March and February did a role reversal this year!

The view out front at daybreak under a heavy cloud of snow.


I’ve previously written about The Waters of March and that lovely song from Brazil. Sometimes the month of March can be windy but pleasant with mild temperatures and this brings hope of renewal, rebirth, new life. Some years March will inspire poetry at the beginning of garden season. Sometimes March can be rainy.

Sometimes the month of March can bring snow and ice storms, but the accumulations generally don’t add up to much and whatever precipitation comes is usually gone in a day or so. However, it is March and as I said she is unpredictable. Like a nasty witch sometimes!

The snow continued falling a steady pace from before dawn and through the next night. By late-afternoon I was looking at 3 feet of snow on the ground.
In this picture behind the boat there is a small car buried under the snow!


This week, just after we changed the clocks to adjust for the longer hours of daylight, and just days before the beginning of spring there came a tremendous storm that weather forecasters named Stella. A true Nor’easter that packed a wallop and landed much of the eastern seaboard in deep snow. In fact, new records were set for snow depths from a single storm at this time of year! At my place we suffered about 24 inches (= 60.96 centimeters) of snow accumulation in the initial phase and another 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) the next day. Very impressive!


After the storm the sun reflecting off the deep snow was blinding. This is the top of a tree that is about 3 feet tall (1 meter).


I like snow and I enjoy the winter season, but it is the middle of March after all and I was anxious to begin yard chores and garden preparation for the coming season….not going to happen this week.


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