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Jul 03


“One must be honest to live outside the law” Bob Dylan. ************* One of my favorite freedom fighters, liberty thinkers and all around question “authority” types is Claire Wolfe. She has written numerous books on the subject of the ever-burgeoning state and how this current trend is in direct conflict with the intentions set forth …

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Jan 17

Introducing a cultural immersion – home stay.

It was brought to my attention that students of English as a second language are often interested in expanding their understanding of American culture. Many ESL students live in densely populated cities where outdoor activities are limited or they must travel a far distance to enjoy the natural world. Experiencing delicious fresh food from a …

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Jan 11

Bob Dylan

For over 5 decades Americans and the world have listened to the poetry and music of Bob Dylan. His appeal has transcended generational limits. His artistic abilities of word-craft and his prolific contributions to the body of popular American music far exceed the standard of of his peers. In my view, he is the quintessential …

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