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Sep 06

The growing American police-state.

It is difficult to accept the manifestation of an over-reaching government in a nation founded on the principles of individual liberty and self reliance, but in America today the malignant disease of collectivism is eating away at the very fabric of those founding concepts. This cancerous notion of demanding something for nothing appears to have …

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Aug 10

Mike Vanderboegh – R.I.P.

Mike Vanderboegh, American patriot, investigative journalist, blogger for the cause of freedom, founder of the Three Percent movement, and speaker of truth, has passed to the great beyond. He courageously fought the good fight as he simultaneously battled cancer in spite of the continued decline of his personal health over the past decade. He carried …

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Aug 08

A good day at the rifle range.

The weather today was warm but the humidity was tolerable. I took the opportunity to get to the rifle range and sight-in a new red-dot sight. This sight is made by Aimpoint – T -1 Micro. This sight is known for durability and has received great reviews in the shooting community. The purpose of a …

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Aug 01

In another time’s forgotten space…

In previous posts I have shared my enthusiasm for music of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia in particular. Last year, on the 20th anniversary of Garcia’s death, I declared the month of August to be Jerry Garcia month here at English-speak-English.com Continuing the theme this year I offer a selection of my favorite Garcia …

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Jul 04

An American Tune

Paul Simon wrote An American Tune in 1973. It was a troubled period for America. The U.S. Government had fought to a stalemate the very unpopular Vietnam War, but not before it had inflicted a bitter cynicism among many citizens, particularly after incidents like the Kent State massacre. Followed by the self destruction of the …

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Jul 03

July 4th — Holiday Weekend

I was delighted to be re-invited to my friends, Rich and Kim Green’s family picnic. I missed the party last year, but two years ago they roasted a whole hog for the gathering. As always the food presented by the hosts was terrific as well as all of the pot-luck dishes brought by attendees. I …

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Jun 19


The great American composer,George Gershwin, was well known for some classics in the American repertoire of music. Songs like; Someone to Watch Over Me, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, Rhapsody in Blue and many more. Gershwin wrote Porgy and Bess an American opera that debuted on Broadway in 1935 – a folk opera based …

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Jun 16

On Living.

*** Dum vivimus vivamus While we live, let us live! *** *** Something to do. Someone to love. Something to look forward. I am not sure of who said this first but it expresses a profound understanding of a life of fulfillment. * Setting goals and working to achieve them is vitally important to living …

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Apr 18

America’s National Parks

From A- for Acadia, N.P. in Maine to Z- for Zion, N.P. in Utah, there are a total of 58 national parks across the U.S.A. adding up to more than 83 million acres of land. Follow this link to learn about the history of the National Parks. The National Park system celebrates its centennial this …

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Apr 10

Merle Haggard

Last week one of Country Music’s great singer/songwriters passed on. Merle Haggard, one of the creators of the “Bakersfield sound”, died at home surrounded by family and friends. Merle was 79 and had battled cancer for several years. A prolific songwriter with an authentic country twang that could be heard for decades all across America …

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