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Nov 01

Casey Jones

In the annuls of American folklore there are many characters who’ve had songs written about their lives and deeds. John Henry – “the steel driving man” is perhaps one of the most famous, Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox is another. Blackbeard’s ghost is a tale from North Carolina. From the Southwest region the story of …

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Oct 22

Oh, the Dreadful Wind and Rain!

Sometimes called, Twa Sisters (twa = two in old Scotland). In other regions it may be called The Cruel Sister, and still others may refer to this tune as Binnorie. It may also be simply referred to as The Wind and Rain.. The origins of this song are hard to determine. Some historians say it comes …

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Jan 03

Johnny Appleseed

Born September 26, 1774, in the town of Leominster, Massachusetts, John Chapman – aka Johnny Appleseed was an American pioneer frontiersman. In American folklore his name is legendary, but much of the legend is simply blown out of proportion. Many myths surround his life-story, but one thing is for sure; he was responsible for propagating …

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Mar 19

Henry Hudson

The Hudson River is named after him in addition to Hudson Street in lower Manhattan and I think there are Hudson Streets in several towns around the region, the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie bears his name and even a fictional place called Hudson University in TV-land.. Henry Hudson was a Dutch explorer of the 17th …

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Feb 06

Frozen Garden

The latest storm blew through my part of the country and left behind almost a foot of snow covered with a 1 inch layer of ice. The roads are treacherous and the temperature remains bitter cold. Of course, bitter cold seems less bitter after a month of extremely bitter cold…it’s all relative, I guess. Each …

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Oct 09

More Ghost Stories.

Not far from my childhood home is the lonely Ringwood Manor. It is said that the place has been haunted for over two centuries! Here is the story; Ghosts of Ringwood Manor A New Jersey Ghost Story retold by S. E. Schlosser Ringwood Manor you say? A lovely old house. But no place, my child, …

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Oct 08

“…drinking with strangers can be very risky.”

A pair of short stories that are appropriate for the approaching Halloween festivities are The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, by the American author, Washington Irving. First published in 1820, these stories brought Irving high acclaim from European critics. In Sleepy Hollow there is a headless horseman, a haunted tree and many …

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Oct 01

Big Joe and Phantom 309

This time of year when leaves rustle in the wind and tumble down from the trees, when shadows, cast from the glimmer of Autumn sunshine, dance in odd ways. The season is alive with change. Animals spook and scurry! Strange sounds emit from the forest…. In times past, Halloween was a day of remembrance for …

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