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Sep 10

The Crayon Factory

It is probably safe to say that every American child has used crayons at some point in there early years. Last month I had a chance to visit the Crayon factory in the river town of Easton, PA. It is a short drive from where I live and the place offers 4 floors of fun …

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Oct 18

Picasso Sculpture at MoMA

In previous posts here and here, I have asserted my mixed feelings about Modern Art. There are some works that I thoroughly enjoy and many others from the genre that I consider to be less than worthless…in a word – rubbish. I’ve never cared for most of Picasso’s work. For me Cubism is just eh. …

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Sep 12

Return to Jinan

It was wonderful to receive such a heartwarming welcome from Team Q! You all are great! Your invitation to make Jinan my second home is touching and I thank all of you for your warm greeting. During this trip, I spent most of my time in Shandong Province. I visited the Shandong Provincial Museum and …

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Aug 01

August is Jerry Garcia Month.

August 9, 2015. It has 20 years since Jerry passed and the background music to my life hasn’t been the same since. Jerry Garcia, (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) His candle burned brightly and his candle burned out much too soon. Sometimes, sadly, early death is the counter-weight to immense talent. In a …

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Jul 06

Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue by Kevin Neary * It came out of the blue (1) as I drifted in and out of sleep on a train bound for Shanghai. Long ago I cast my fate to the wind (2) and nothing will ever change that (3). Spent a lifetime and traveled down the ancient highway …

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May 24

American Pie

In 1972, Don McLean wrote the song American Pie. A catchy little tune with an easy to remember refrain. For any American of high school or collage age at the time, the song was clearly understood as a lament to the loss of innocence our culture was enduring. There are many pop-culture references about art, …

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Mar 19

Henry Hudson

The Hudson River is named after him in addition to Hudson Street in lower Manhattan and I think there are Hudson Streets in several towns around the region, the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie bears his name and even a fictional place called Hudson University in TV-land.. Henry Hudson was a Dutch explorer of the 17th …

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Feb 16

Oh, Atlanta!

It has been more than 35 years since I last visited Atlanta, Georgia and on a recent trip to meet with one of my business contacts, I was stunned at the change in the city skyline. Atlanta is a city with a rich history reaching back to the mid-19th Century and has now grown from …

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Jan 06


In the past, I have written about Shades of Green and the color Gray. The primary color blue can come in a multitude of variations. From azure and the pastel baby blue, to the rich and deep indigo and Navy blue. The phrase, “feeling blue and lonely” is a common theme in blues and bluegrass …

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Dec 31

Good-bye, December – 2014

“Time for reflection. Winter is here…” * * As we close out the month of December, I like to reflect on the previous 12 months. Sometimes I am even lucky enough to have learned something during the course of the year! Milepost — This blog surpassed the 200 posts marker! That was my big achievement …

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