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Oct 05

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin is recognized by many as the father of modern sculpture. He was a gifted and prolific creator of art sculpture. As any knowledgeable artist understands, the way of success (or certainly keeping food on the table) is to reproduce, reproduce, reproduce! Bronze is a media that lends itself nicely to that concept. Read …

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Sep 24

The Tragic Tale of Marsyas

In mythology, we often find numerous tales of tragedy wherein the fate of the victim was left in the hands of the gods. The story of Marsyas , a satyr, comes from Greek Mythology. He is said to have thought that his talents rivaled those of the gods. He openly boasted of his tremendous musical …

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Sep 10

Ugolino and his sons

In Western classic literature, a well recognized masterpiece is a work titled, The Divine Comedy (also known as The Inferno). In it, Dante Alighieri gave us an imaginative view into what awaits those sinners condemned to the fires of Hell. In Dante’s depiction of Hell there are varying degrees of damnation for varying crimes/sins. During …

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Sep 05

More MET Sculpture.

A follow up to my recent blog-post titled The MET Sculpture Gardens, I want to share more photos with my readers. One of my favorite sections of the MET is the American Wing, exhibits #700 – 774. Of particular interest is #700, the atrium, a stunningly beautiful room with an abundant amount of natural light. …

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Aug 22

The MET sculpture gardens.

Beginning this year, several of my ESL students will be attending universities in the U.S. One of my students from China will be attending Pratt Institute in NYC. She is a talented young artist. With further training her hope is to develop her artistic abilities. We had an opportunity to meet up in Manhattan for …

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Mar 19

I hate graveyards and old pawn shops…

************* Souvenirs by John Prine All the snow has turned to water Christmas days have come and gone Broken toys and faded colors Are all that’s left to linger on I hate graveyards and old pawn shops For they always bring me tears I can’t forgive the way they rob me Of my childhood souvenirs …

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Jan 11

Bob Dylan

For over 5 decades Americans and the world have listened to the poetry and music of Bob Dylan. His appeal has transcended generational limits. His artistic abilities of word-craft and his prolific contributions to the body of popular American music far exceed the standard of of his peers. In my view, he is the quintessential …

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Sep 24

Visiting MoMA and what is great art?

I am intrigued by some works of Modern Art. Acknowledged masters like Salvador Dali (surrealism), Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau (post-impressionist), Georges Seurat (pointillism), Andrew Wyeth (realism), and others have often times offered us a view of the world from an obscure perspective. Sometimes we are given a chance to see into the …

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Jul 17


This article was written by Teacher Kevin in October of 2011 and posted on Midori’s blog, translated to Japanese. I have edited the document to add some hyperlinks for further reading. A DAY TRIP TO NYC Recently, I had an enjoyable visit from my Japanese friend, Midori and her daughter. During her stay we decided …

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Jun 19

Amsterdam Weekend

While visiting in London this past March, we decided to take a weekend trip across the English Channel to Amsterdam, Holland, also known as The Netherlands. Amsterdam is a lovely city offering good food, art, architecture, a lively night scene, coffeeshops, shopping, and a very friendly atmosphere. It is an easy hop from London Heathrow …

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