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May 11

Hong Kong

There is one flight daily from Jinan to >>> Hong Kong and it only takes a couple of hours. However, we had delays for some odd reasons and arrived an hour later than scheduled. It seemed as if we had spent the entire day to take a 2 hour flight. From the airport in HK, …

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Dec 12


Known for its health benefits, ginseng has been used in Asia for more than 3,000 years. Ginseng – genus Panax., a perennial plant with fleshy root, found in cooler climates of North America and Eastern Asia. Studies have been done in Asia and Russia to assess the far reaching claims that ginseng as an adaptogen …

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Nov 22


The flight from Jinan to Taipei is about 2 hours. The Island of Formosa or “Beautiful Island” in Portuguese, named by the first European sailors to reach it in 1544. One interesting resource I accessed prior to going to Taiwan is ytravelblog.com The weather was tropical and I should have dressed more for summer. …

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Apr 19

Final night – trip summary

I am back home from my trip to China. Walked through the door of my place the night before last, April 18th at 10 PM Eastern time. I was too wired to go to sleep and needed to eat and shower. I did not sleep a wink on the plane, so I was awake for …

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Jan 17

Pork Adobo

  Each January since 2010, I make a batch of Pork Adobo to commemorate my visit to the Philippines. This is a perfect item to cook in a Dutch oven. The dish, Adobo is a remnant from when the Spanish ruled the seas and the Philippines were colonized by the European power. There are a …

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Oct 13


Sukiyaki My friend, Midori and her daughter, Mimi came from Japan to visit and I requested that she make my favorite Japanese dish; Sukiyaki. Read about Midori’s other visit here. A hallmark of Japanese cooking is that it is simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Throughout Asia, Hot-Pot is a common method of cooking in communal fashion. …

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