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Nov 21

Jinan – my second city.

Jinan has become my second city and as always I am grateful for the many friends I know there. This was my 4th visit to The City of Springs. You can read about previous trips here, and here, and here. My usual routine is to fly into Beijing and then spend the night in a …

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Oct 21


  From the little acorn grows the mighty oak. * Acorns are the seed fruit of the oak tree. Here in the Eastern U.S. we have an abundance of acorns that come falling down with the leaves in autumn. As children we used to gather large bags of them for weeks and then have a …

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Oct 19


I bet this is a new word for most readers. Cucurbitaceae (follow the link to learn how to pronounce this and many other new or difficult words) are a family of more than 900 plants in about 95 genera. Follow this link to learn more about plant families. The most important among the cucurbitaceae are; …

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Oct 09

Old cameras, collectibles and curios.

*Climbing winding roads up through sandstone walled canyons that trace back into the heart of frozen granite rock and icy water – a place where the rivers change direction.* * The Front Range of the Colorado Rockies runs north and south along the I-25 corridor between Pueblo, Colorado. and Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is a stunningly …

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Oct 31


I’ve posted about it before. To me it is a big nuisance and makes for a few confusing days of scheduling before I fully adjust. It really doesn’t effect most of my students, but I always post an advisory in case I miscalculate the time of someone’s lesson. Tonight we change our clocks back one …

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Feb 15

Tulips and other ornamental bulbs

Tulips were first cultivated in Central Asia more than 500 years ago and brought to Europe in the mid-16th Century. Tulips require vernalization to flower but they may be “forced” by keeping the bulbs wrapped in dark paper and refrigerated for several months. All of my bulbs are currently sleeping under about 3 feet of …

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Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving

4:00AM As a part of my normal Thanksgiving tradition, I always try to get out in the morning for a walk. This helps to boost the appetite before I begin cooking the holiday feast. Today, however, we are digging out from a hefty bit of snow that came down all day yesterday. It is early …

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Nov 07


NOVEMBER by Helen Hunt Jackson   This is the treacherous month when autumn days With summer’s voice come bearing summer’s gifts. Beguiled, the pale down-trodden aster lifts Her head and blooms again. The soft, warm haze Makes moist once more the sere and dusty ways, And, creeping through where dead leaves lie in drifts, The …

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Nov 02


In this part of the country Winter can be severely cold for extended periods. Many people opt for a supplemental heat source using a wood-burning stove. Keeping the stove stoked requires having plenty of wood on hand. For many people, the gathering, cutting, splitting and stacking of wood is a major part of their activity …

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Oct 23

Asparagus to sleep for Winter

It was 18 months ago in my garden when I planted asparagus from both seed and crowns. I wrote about the detailed process to prepare the beds and in this article I showed a picture of my healthy and robust fronds that were exceeding 9 feet in height!   At the end of the growing …

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