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May 11

Hong Kong

There is one flight daily from Jinan to >>> Hong Kong and it only takes a couple of hours. However, we had delays for some odd reasons and arrived an hour later than scheduled. It seemed as if we had spent the entire day to take a 2 hour flight. From the airport in HK, …

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May 10

Jinan in springtime

After an overnight in Beijing and the half day tour of the Summer Palace, we caught an afternoon train to Jinan. It is such a comfortable way to travel. Traveling 90 minutes with seating that allows relaxed leg-space usually results in at least 40 minutes of snooze time for me. Judging by the trees I …

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May 09

The Summer Palace

After an overnight stay, Echo and I got up early and had breakfast before going to visit another one of China’s many UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The Summer Palace. On this visit to China I arrived in Beijing and the sky was bluer than I have ever seen in the capital city. It has …

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Nov 24

Two Temples in Taipei

In Taiwan there is a noticeable difference from Mainland China with respect to the practice of religion within the culture. In the previous article I mentioned that Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai Shek became Christians. There are many Christians in Taiwan as well as practitioners of Eastern religions of Buddhism and Taoism. During this trip …

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Nov 22


The flight from Jinan to Taipei is about 2 hours. The Island of Formosa or “Beautiful Island” in Portuguese, named by the first European sailors to reach it in 1544. One interesting resource I accessed prior to going to Taiwan is ytravelblog.com The weather was tropical and I should have dressed more for summer. …

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Nov 21

Jinan – my second city.

Jinan has become my second city and as always I am grateful for the many friends I know there. This was my 4th visit to The City of Springs. You can read about previous trips here, and here, and here. My usual routine is to fly into Beijing and then spend the night in a …

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Feb 22

Spring Festival 2016

Spring Festival in China is the most important holiday of the year. Many Chinese return home from distant countries as part of their traditional filial duty to pay respect to elder family members. As I prepared for this trip to China there was a small snag in the plan. Good friend, Lana offered to come …

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Jan 30

About the Chinese Spring Festival

The annual Spring Festival, is called the Chinese New Year by most Westerners, and is based upon the lunar calendar arriving usually in early February. 2016 will usher in the year of the Red Monkey. Domestic travel is challenging during this holiday—- many Chinese will return to their home town for a visit with family. …

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Sep 17

China End of Summer

In a series of posts about my first visit to China, I shared information about culture, history and food in four cities. At the end of this summer, I had an opportunity to return to China. During this visit, I spent most of my time within Shandong province (read about it in this post), but …

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Sep 15

Qufu; birthplace of Confucius

“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.” Perhaps my favorite quote from Confucius.   In an earlier post, I stated incorrectly that Jinan was home of Confucius. Born 551 B.C., his birthplace, home and primary place of teaching was in Qufu. Jinan was, at the time, and remains so today, the …

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