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Jan 06


In the past, I have written about Shades of Green and the color Gray. The primary color blue can come in a multitude of variations. From azure and the pastel baby blue, to the rich and deep indigo and Navy blue. The phrase, “feeling blue and lonely” is a common theme in blues and bluegrass …

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Nov 17


GRAY / GREY There are many shades of the color gray, but is gray truly a color? And for that matter are black and white colors? Follow this link to get the details. Here’s a link to a very cool site with info about color; how certain colors affect mood. Did you know the human …

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Apr 17

Shades of Green

Spring – starting somewhere near St. Patrick’s Day, with the green clover -into- Summer, and through the awful hot days, when green wilts and is slowly scorched to brown — that time of year when we witness the seemingly endless array of the various shades of green. Spring – into – Summer is the color …

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