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Aug 06

“The tour from hell” turned into a dead end.

As tribute to the late Jerry Garcia, I have established August as a month to celebrate his musical achievements here on the blog. This article explains some of the details associated with the final months of his life and, on a more positive note, shares a link to one of the more fun Grateful Dead …

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Jan 01

Make Tomorrow

In the previous post, the first one of the New Year – 2017, I shared information with an abundant number of links for further reading about the 10,000 Year Clock project. Reading about that project and one of the principals involved, music producer Brian Eno, set me to thinking about another musician named, Peter Gabriel, …

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Sep 07


I generally try to avoid the subject of politics on this blog, but occasionally I feel compelled to comment on what I witness as the decline of the American way of life, indeed, the destruction of Western civilization. Perhaps it was said best by the “master poet of my generation; “Don’t follow leaders and watch …

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Nov 24

2 Poems by Kipling with a relevant and timely essay.

After returning home from my recent trip to Europe, I stumbled into an essay by the very talented John Derbyshire. The piece titled, When foreigners were funny, was written more than 8 years ago, but still quite relevant to current cultural events. Derbyshire highlights two poems by Rudyard Kipling. the first, titled The Stranger and …

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Oct 09

The Band

October is the end of the baseball season and with this being the second post in the same day we can call it a double-header. * Another musical group from my generation was simply named, The Band. They were very influential on the pop music scene from 1964 – 1978. I even remember they made …

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May 25

Karl Hess

* In previous posts I have written about great American thinkers who challenged the authority of the state. Men like Emerson, Thoreau and Spooner. I’ve also written about Ayn Rand, the great 20th Century intellectual known for her novels about self-ownership and individual liberty. I have also introduced readers to the writings of Claire Wolfe …

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Feb 20

Gonzo Journalism

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Hunter Stockton Thompson It was early in his adult life that Thompson realized he was not good at much of anything, so he took to writing. Hunter S. Thompson shared his genius with the world through what is now known as “Gonzo Journalism”. His most famous …

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Jan 18

Idiot Wind

In 1975, Bob Dylan recorded his 15th studio album, Blood on the Tracks. To many of his fans, this album will forever be his crowning achievement. For me, this album is the essence of his mastery as a poet. It is the quintessential Dylan work. In this article, probably the best analysis of Idiot Wind, …

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Jan 12

Grateful Dead

Once upon a time there was a band named the Grateful Dead. They were unique in so many ways. From 1965 to 1995, (the year that Jerry Garcia died) the band performed more than 36,000 songs during approximately 2,300 concerts in 298 cities! I can not think of any other musical troupe that performed …

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Jan 11

Bob Dylan

For over 5 decades Americans and the world have listened to the poetry and music of Bob Dylan. His appeal has transcended generational limits. His artistic abilities of word-craft and his prolific contributions to the body of popular American music far exceed the standard of of his peers. In my view, he is the quintessential …

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