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Oct 10

The Colorado Cannabis Scene

As a follow-up to my post about recent travels to Denver, Co. I mentioned in that article the state of Colorado has legalized cannabis for adult use in the privacy of their own home. Under Colorado law it is now lawful for an individual to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis per day. Here …

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Jul 03

July 4th — Holiday Weekend

I was delighted to be re-invited to my friends, Rich and Kim Green’s family picnic. I missed the party last year, but two years ago they roasted a whole hog for the gathering. As always the food presented by the hosts was terrific as well as all of the pot-luck dishes brought by attendees. I …

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Dec 29

Year-end clean-up!

While cooking some festive meals this week, I managed to clear out a lot of old clutter from both of my desks. Over time, a desk can become a catch-all for everything from reading material to monthly bills or receipts from daily transactions. Eventually, a big cleaning project must be put into effect.   As …

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Sep 20


Ratatouille originally from the region of Provence, France. Southern France is known for warm climate suitable for growing eggplant (the key ingredient), zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic, to make a ragout-like blended vegetable stew.   For the best flavor each of the veggies should be cooked separately then, combined and baked to finish. Herbs …

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Jul 16


Broccoli can be a difficult crop to grow in the home garden. The greatest challenge is the timing. If you plant too early, the plants are usually stunted by cold soil and chilly ambient temperatures. If you plant too late, the plants will start to form a head and then suddenly bolt during a hot …

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Nov 12


Earlier this spring, I purchased 6 young plants that were marked as “Brussels Sprouts” but they actually turned out to be cauliflower. It has been a few years since I have planted cauliflower so I found a bit of space to cram them in. I was pleased with the size of these plants, though I …

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Sep 22


Squash, No, not the game! Summer squash- like zucchini and cucumbers , crook-neck-yellow squash, eggplant (also called aubergines) Patty-Pan, Follow this link to learn some of the many ways to prepare zucchini. I stumbled into the previous site while researching for this post and it seems to have a lot of interesting info about science, …

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Sep 12


Meatloaf is the most commonly consumed American forcemeat and a classic comfort food. Another popular forcemeat is the “Hot Dog” or Frankfurter. Thousands of recipes for meatloaf here and a few more here too!.   To this 3 pound meatloaf blend I added; 2 eggs 1/2 cup of bread crumbs my secret blend of special …

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Aug 12


* Pasta is a generic term for an unleavened dough usually made from durum wheat flour and water, then cut into sheets or any variety of over 300 shapes. In a previous post I shared one of my almost world famous original recipe for a special Lasagna with Pistachios. and this post with a recipe …

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Jul 06

Whole Hog

At my commencement ceremonies from the Culinary Institute of America, in 1980, I had the pleasure of listening to Jaques Pepin address our graduating class. His theme was “cooking with love”. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a whole hog roast as I watched two people “cooking with love”. Kim and Rich Green, owners …

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