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Aug 12


* Pasta is a generic term for an unleavened dough usually made from durum wheat flour and water, then cut into sheets or any variety of over 300 shapes. In a previous post I shared one of my almost world famous original recipe for a special Lasagna with Pistachios. and this post with a recipe …

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Jul 06

Whole Hog

At my commencement ceremonies from the Culinary Institute of America, in 1980, I had the pleasure of listening to Jaques Pepin address our graduating class. His theme was “cooking with love”. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a whole hog roast as I watched two people “cooking with love”. Kim and Rich Green, owners …

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Jul 01


*** On the small farm hogs are an easy animal to raise as a source of meat. A family of four that grows much of their own food can feed the scraps from kitchen and garden waste to a pair of hogs and within months have a return on that investment that will stock the …

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Apr 23


An inexpensive and very versatile source of protein, eggs can be incorporated into almost anything, from breads to salad dressings, cakes, cookies and other dessert items to sauces and soups. Though eggs are a staple for breakfast, their use is not limited to the morning meal. Here is a link to show some of the …

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Apr 11


Potatoes, Murphy, Mickies, papas, spuds, taters, tatas, pomme de terre (French), patata (Italian), aardapple (Dutch), kartoffel (German), zemniak (Polish),…sorry I don’t know how to say potato in Japanese or Mandarin. Would someone please tell me? In Western culture potatoes are as widely used as rice is in Asian countries. ***   Boiled potatoes with butter …

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Mar 29

Lamb Shanks

Lamb is a favorite of mine and the lamb shank is a special springtime treat! I season each shank with plenty of salt, black pepper and rosemary about 30 minutes before searing them in hot olive oil. After they are well browned on all sides, I add carrots, celery, onions and garlic to the pot. …

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Mar 25

A special treat!

Ingredients: Sea Scallops Scallions & fresh ginger root Soy sauce Method heat a cast iron skillet 30 minutes prior to cooking just before cooking, season the scallops with salt and freshly ground black pepper when the pan is ready wipe with oil and immediately add the scallops quickly sear on medium-high heat turn once to …

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Mar 23


Second only to the pig in its versatility as a food product, chicken is the most common member of the poultry family. When buying chicken at the market, I like to look for a whole bird weighing about 3 to 3and 1/2 pounds. Over four pounds the birds begin to be too tough with very …

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Mar 18

A Reuben Sandwich

After St. Pat’s day, there is usually a piece of corned beef left-over. Many people make corned beef hash and serve it with eggs. However, there is another popular way to use up that cold corned beef. The Reuben sandwich is an American classic, though its origins and creator are disputed. The way I make …

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Mar 15

Spring Break

Another of my students from China, is a visiting scholar at Penn State University. She will be here for one year researching the American education system. Her first big surprise was the amount of snow we’ve had this year and the very cold temperatures. I know she is looking forward to spring, as we all …

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