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Oct 14

Lamb Stew and a Rack of Lamb Too!

Lamb is enjoyed in many countries around the world. It is true that Americans eat a lot of beef and I like beef, but I must say that I enjoy lamb very much! In an earlier post about lamb, I did a marinated and roast leg you can read about it here. I frequently see …

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Sep 29

Fresh Sweet Corn

Another summertime favorite is fresh sweet corn. When I say fresh, I mean the corn must be harvested the day you choose to eat it, preferably within hours of eating. Corn is high in natural sugar. The moment the corn is cut from the stalk these sugars begin to turn to starch. Within a day, …

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Jul 30

Dutch Oven Cookery

For centuries people have cooked on an open fire and used some form of clay, ceramic, iron or steel vessel to contain the food during the cooking process. In Japan the traditional cookware for hot-pot are called tetsunabe. They are made of clay or cast iron. Throughout the Balkan region they use what is known …

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Mar 23

A very different Lasagna!

Whenever I enter the kitchen to cook, I try to engage the creative process in the hope that, whatever I prepare, it will be delicious and unique. Sometimes I like to get really creative! Today, was one of those days. This is an unconventional lasagna with some very traditional Italian ingredients. It is not …

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Dec 25

The Holiday Beef Roast

On Christmas some Americans will have a turkey for the family dinner. Others families enjoy ham and still others may have roast duck or goose. The tradition in my home has always been to have a beef roast. If we are hosting a large group a rib roast is often preferred. Roasting a rib section …

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Nov 04

3 Clam Recipes

Long ago, before modern refrigeration and mandatory sanitation standards, it was accepted practice to only eat raw shellfish in cooler weather, in months with an “R”. The primary reason was that the bacteria count in the water tends to be higher in warmer months. Another reason to not harvest oysters in warmer months is due …

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