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Jul 03

July 4th — Holiday Weekend

I was delighted to be re-invited to my friends, Rich and Kim Green’s family picnic. I missed the party last year, but two years ago they roasted a whole hog for the gathering. As always the food presented by the hosts was terrific as well as all of the pot-luck dishes brought by attendees. I …

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Dec 29

Year-end clean-up!

While cooking some festive meals this week, I managed to clear out a lot of old clutter from both of my desks. Over time, a desk can become a catch-all for everything from reading material to monthly bills or receipts from daily transactions. Eventually, a big cleaning project must be put into effect.   As …

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Sep 20

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan is another dish I like to prepare at the end of summer. It is a filling meal for vegetarians when accompanied by pasta. This dish takes a bit of preparation time, but when done properly, it is well worth the trouble. This year was the first in a long time for me to …

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Apr 19

Final night – trip summary

I am back home from my trip to China. Walked through the door of my place the night before last, April 18th at 10 PM Eastern time. I was too wired to go to sleep and needed to eat and shower. I did not sleep a wink on the plane, so I was awake for …

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Jan 12

Wild Turkey

A native of North America the wild turkey is the heaviest family member of birds known as Galliformes . Its relatives are many and number near 290 species to include, grouse, quail and pheasant, to name but a few of the more commonly hunted varieties. The wild turkey are hunted across much of the …

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Sep 22


Squash, No, not the game! Summer squash- like zucchini and cucumbers , crook-neck-yellow squash, eggplant (also called aubergines) Patty-Pan, Follow this link to learn some of the many ways to prepare zucchini. I stumbled into the previous site while researching for this post and it seems to have a lot of interesting info about science, …

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Sep 12


Meatloaf is the most commonly consumed American forcemeat and a classic comfort food. Another popular forcemeat is the “Hot Dog” or Frankfurter. Thousands of recipes for meatloaf here and a few more here too!.   To this 3 pound meatloaf blend I added; 2 eggs 1/2 cup of bread crumbs my secret blend of special …

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Jul 01


*** On the small farm hogs are an easy animal to raise as a source of meat. A family of four that grows much of their own food can feed the scraps from kitchen and garden waste to a pair of hogs and within months have a return on that investment that will stock the …

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Apr 11


Potatoes, Murphy, Mickies, papas, spuds, taters, tatas, pomme de terre (French), patata (Italian), aardapple (Dutch), kartoffel (German), zemniak (Polish),…sorry I don’t know how to say potato in Japanese or Mandarin. Would someone please tell me? In Western culture potatoes are as widely used as rice is in Asian countries. ***   Boiled potatoes with butter …

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Mar 29

Lamb Shanks

Lamb is a favorite of mine and the lamb shank is a special springtime treat! I season each shank with plenty of salt, black pepper and rosemary about 30 minutes before searing them in hot olive oil. After they are well browned on all sides, I add carrots, celery, onions and garlic to the pot. …

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