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Mar 25

A special treat!

Ingredients: Sea Scallops Scallions & fresh ginger root Soy sauce Method heat a cast iron skillet 30 minutes prior to cooking just before cooking, season the scallops with salt and freshly ground black pepper when the pan is ready wipe with oil and immediately add the scallops quickly sear on medium-high heat turn once to …

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Mar 23


Second only to the pig in its versatility as a food product, chicken is the most common member of the poultry family. When buying chicken at the market, I like to look for a whole bird weighing about 3 to 3and 1/2 pounds. Over four pounds the birds begin to be too tough with very …

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Mar 18

A Reuben Sandwich

After St. Pat’s day, there is usually a piece of corned beef left-over. Many people make corned beef hash and serve it with eggs. However, there is another popular way to use up that cold corned beef. The Reuben sandwich is an American classic, though its origins and creator are disputed. The way I make …

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Mar 15

Spring Break

Another of my students from China, is a visiting scholar at Penn State University. She will be here for one year researching the American education system. Her first big surprise was the amount of snow we’ve had this year and the very cold temperatures. I know she is looking forward to spring, as we all …

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Jan 19

Pasta with Duck Confit and Ham

Today, the weather was very cold again, so I decided to stay inside and write on the blog. I will make today a triple-header of short articles. As the end of January draws near, I find there is an abundance of left over meat from the holiday. There is one leg remaining from the duck …

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Jan 17

Pork Adobo

  Each January since 2010, I make a batch of Pork Adobo to commemorate my visit to the Philippines. This is a perfect item to cook in a Dutch oven. The dish, Adobo is a remnant from when the Spanish ruled the seas and the Philippines were colonized by the European power. There are a …

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Jan 05


Bacon is a favorite food of many Americans. When Americans speak of bacon they are speaking of pork belly, that has been cured in a brine (salt/sugar with seasonings) and then, smoked. It is distinctly different from Canadian Bacon. Also different from European varieties of bacon. Apparently, the goodness of the fatty, salty, smoky American …

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Jan 03

Grilled sandwich for lunch.

On a cold and blustery Winter’s day it is nice to come inside from shoveling snow and have a hot sandwich with soup. The range of sandwiches that work for grilling is extensive, but as a general rule they contain some sort of meat and cheese combination. The cheese, of course, melts nicely to make …

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Jan 01

Cassoulet on New Year’s Day

  On the first day of the New Year, it is tradition in my home to eat some kind of beans. I don’t remember where or when the tradition started but it is believed to be good luck to eat beans on the first day of the new year. I have not noticed this to …

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Dec 24

Christmas 2013

Last year at Christmas, I shared some information about cooking a traditional rib roast. A roast rib of beef is impressive to be sure, but there are smaller roasts from less expensive cuts of beef that are very suitable for a small gathering. To cook a rib roast for just my Mother and me is …

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