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May 22

Memorial Day Weekend

In the U.S.A. what is known as Memorial Day, is generally considered the official start of the summer season. Throughout the nation, community lakes and pools open as do city pools for city residents. Seaside beaches open for their short season and many parks that may be closed in winter will reopen for camping. Like …

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May 11

…in the merry month of May!

May is a lovely month. April can be a little blustery with wet and cold sometimes a little snow. May is flowers and some showers. Plenty of sunshine and even some days of prematurely hot temperatures. *** I was absent most of last month while traveling about China. When I returned home, the weather was a marked …

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Feb 15

Tulips and other ornamental bulbs

Tulips were first cultivated in Central Asia more than 500 years ago and brought to Europe in the mid-16th Century. Tulips require vernalization to flower but they may be “forced” by keeping the bulbs wrapped in dark paper and refrigerated for several months. All of my bulbs are currently sleeping under about 3 feet of …

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Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving

4:00AM As a part of my normal Thanksgiving tradition, I always try to get out in the morning for a walk. This helps to boost the appetite before I begin cooking the holiday feast. Today, however, we are digging out from a hefty bit of snow that came down all day yesterday. It is early …

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Nov 12


Earlier this spring, I purchased 6 young plants that were marked as “Brussels Sprouts” but they actually turned out to be cauliflower. It has been a few years since I have planted cauliflower so I found a bit of space to cram them in. I was pleased with the size of these plants, though I …

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Oct 23

Asparagus to sleep for Winter

It was 18 months ago in my garden when I planted asparagus from both seed and crowns. I wrote about the detailed process to prepare the beds and in this article I showed a picture of my healthy and robust fronds that were exceeding 9 feet in height!   At the end of the growing …

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Oct 19

Plastic tarps in the garden

Plastic tarps have several uses in the garden. As a wind-break and a shield from cold, snow, rain and hail plastic can help save tender crops from frost or damage from heavy rain or hail. Black plastic is especially useful in cooler climates to aid in warming the soil in the early part of spring. …

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Sep 22


Squash, No, not the game! Summer squash- like zucchini and cucumbers , crook-neck-yellow squash, eggplant (also called aubergines) Patty-Pan, Follow this link to learn some of the many ways to prepare zucchini. I stumbled into the previous site while researching for this post and it seems to have a lot of interesting info about science, …

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Sep 09

Basic Life Skills

In this post I want to offer a list of skills that I believe every adult should possess. Skills that may one day save your life or the life of another. Skills that simply make sense for us to know. Skills that any adult should be able to perform with a reasonable degree of proficiency. …

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Sep 04


At this time of year, many growers are harvesting their crops. One crop that has become a huge market with an economy in the billions of dollars is cannabis. As a lover of liberty, I take my hat off to the many individuals engaged in exercising their right to be free from interference of others …

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