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May 08

Various Springtime Pictures

The weather in this first week of May has been exceptionally nice — clear, dry and warm. I have had the opportunity to plant the majority of my early season crops. So far, this is the list of veggies I have started; onions, garlic, peas, radishes, 3 types of lettuce, spinach, asparagus (as mentioned in …

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Apr 19

Asparagus — SPRING 2013

As I mentioned in this article, I will be dedicating a section of the garden to two types of asparagus. Below is a picture of the asparagus crowns that arrived today. To prepare the bed at the end of last year’s gardening season, I tilled the plot deeply and added a substantial amount of …

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Apr 11

Grafting the apple tree– part 2

As a follow- up to this article, today, I completed my grafting process. The picture above shows the taped graft of a McIntosh apple to the existing tree branch. In the heart of the winter season (mid-February) deep in the tree’s dormancy period, I carefully pruned away the crowded branches and shaped the tree to …

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Mar 14

First Crocus!

First Crocus by Kevin Neary First crocus, how you make my heart sing! Sunshine and warmth with you bring. Oh, harbinger of that glorious Spring! Snow and ice are melting away Light grows brighter each lengthening day. The soil grows warm and though you will not last long. Behold, you are such a welcome little …

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Feb 13

Pruning fruit trees and grafting.

I have a single Apple tree on my property. It produces an unknown variety of yellow apple. While I am partial to red apples, the fruit from this tree can be used to make applesauce, it is nothing special. If I had a press I would make apple cider….maybe in the future I will get …

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Jan 05

Winter is time for planning the coming year’s garden.

Planning for the upcoming gardening season begins in the cold winter months. Seed catalogs arrive in the mail and consideration of how much space is available for planting must be accounted for. A preview of The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a helpful guide for estimating what weather patterns may prevail throughout the coming year. …

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Oct 04

Is autumn the end of the gardening season?

Autumn is upon us and the leaves have begun to change to their final display of colors. It is a lovely time of year. The daylight hours are noticeably shorter. The air is crisp and cool. I feel the heavy dew each morning as I go to look at the last few crops in my …

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Aug 26


Summertime provides gardeners an opportunity to get our hands back in the warm soil…to feel the earth and smell the richness of her fertility. Cultivating soil and nurturing seed to mature food crops holds a certain restorative quality. I think it is good for the soul. I do some of my best thinking in the …

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