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Jan 08

Fasting for Health

Over the past few years I’ve noticed that my metabolism has slowed down. For most people this is common as we grow older. It becomes more and more difficult to keep off the extra weight. This is especially true during the winter months, when the colder weather keeps us from getting outside and actively burning …

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Dec 13

Apple Cider Vinegar

In autumn there is always an abundance of apples in farm country. Apples are a delicious fruit eaten raw or they can be cooked to make sauce, pies, chutney and cider for drinking. Cider can be “hard” (meaning the juice has been fermented to produce alcohol) or sweet – an unfiltered juice. Here is a …

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Dec 03

Good Health and Physical fitness

Staying in good physical condition and maintaining a healthy body is an important element of living well. For many people who work in an office and spend much of the day seated at a desk, body posture is very important. The spine is the body’s support structure. Take good care of your back. Go to …

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