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Apr 06

New foal, filly and colt.

*** SOME EQUESTRIAN TERMINOLOGY Gelding – a castrated male horse Stud – a mature and fully intact male horse Mare – a mature (over 4 years old) female Foal – a newborn horse Colt – a young (under 4 years and not castrated) male (a variation on this is, “catch colt” — a colt born …

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Mar 22

Beethoven for Spring

A beautiful spring day with temperatures in the low 50’s but a breeze that kept things from feeling warm. Plenty of sunshine! A wonderful day for something from our old friend, Ludwig von Beethoven. Beethoven’s Violin Sonata number 5. op24. “Spring”,(a 28 minute piece) performed here by Anne Sophie Mutter and accompanied by Lambert Orkis …

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