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Sep 07


I generally try to avoid the subject of politics on this blog, but occasionally I feel compelled to comment on what I witness as the decline of the American way of life, indeed, the destruction of Western civilization. Perhaps it was said best by the “master poet of my generation; “Don’t follow leaders and watch …

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Sep 06

The growing American police-state.

It is difficult to accept the manifestation of an over-reaching government in a nation founded on the principles of individual liberty and self reliance, but in America today the malignant disease of collectivism is eating away at the very fabric of those founding concepts. This cancerous notion of demanding something for nothing appears to have …

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Mar 07

Mike McNulty, R.I.P.

Regrettably, I did not post this last week when I had a chance. Due to weather problems, the host server crashed and was down for the past couple of days. Belated sympathies to the McNulty family. Mike McNulty, has passed on. His local newspaper obituary can be found here. A man I did not know personally, but learned of …

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