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Dec 08

Building Confidence in Your ESL Skills

  The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. * Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving praise from one of my long term students. She had just returned home from an international business trip. She was so excited to exclaim that, I “gave her the confidence” to communicate with foreigners …

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Jun 12

June 2017 – 5 years of blogging

The month of June has arrived marking the fifth anniversary of blogging. I have enjoyed sharing all of the many articles, pictures and links to more in-depth reading about so many subjects. Readers have followed me on my travels from home here, in PA and the New York Metro area to Amsterdam, London, the Philippines, …

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Jun 02

Developing a Mindset for Success

Success is something that can be defined in many ways. Social constructs are one set of criteria by which success is determined . Based on their paradigm our parents may also have a set of parameters that they believe exemplify success, i.e., a good paying job, married with children, a nice house, etc. Your peers …

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Dec 18

A few more notable passings – 2016

In my post titled, Looking Back at 2016, I mentioned a number of notable passings. Well, the year was not quite finished at the time of that posting and a few more individuals worthy of memorial have gone to the great beyond. Lawrence Colburn – a man of great integrity. Worthy of note because in …

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Dec 01

Looking back at 2016

Another busy year slips by. I’ve said it before but it seems truer with each passing year – as I grow older I am amazed how fast time seems to pass. Perhaps I should not be looking back!…but if I didn’t look back I would not have the memories of good times and special people …

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Mar 24

Free Books!

As regular readers know, I try to share resources for a wide audience and eclectic tastes. I am continuously searching for interesting content to add to the blog. Recently, I received the following links to two very interesting and free sites. forgottenbooks.org is a fantastic site for books about almost everything. From books about art …

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Nov 04

Resources for Continuing Education

Smart people understand that knowledge is power. In our ever changing world it follows that education must be a life-long pursuit. If you aim to stay on top of your game, whatever your game happens to be, you must continually upgrade your skills and knowledge. Continuing your education as an adult is part of leading …

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Oct 03

Improve your learning ability and manage your time efficiently.

A number of my younger students have started their college education and some of them have been concerned with their ability to keep up with the rigorous workload. In the interest of helping all readers, both students and career professionals to reach optimum performance, I offer the following links to improve Time Management skills, general …

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May 29

Contrasts in Culture

During a recent lesson with one of my long term students, the discussion ventured into the realm of cultural differences. As source material to further the dialogue I shared 3 articles from the Mind Tools website; Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, The Seven Dimensions of Culture and Avoiding Cross-Culture Faux Pas. In his very informative study, Geert …

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