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Sep 04


At this time of year, many growers are harvesting their crops. One crop that has become a huge market with an economy in the billions of dollars is cannabis. As a lover of liberty, I take my hat off to the many individuals engaged in exercising their right to be free from interference of others …

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May 25

Karl Hess

* In previous posts I have written about great American thinkers who challenged the authority of the state. Men like Emerson, Thoreau and Spooner. I’ve also written about Ayn Rand, the great 20th Century intellectual known for her novels about self-ownership and individual liberty. I have also introduced readers to the writings of Claire Wolfe …

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Jan 29

Liberty Library

As a matter of personal interest, I have studied, political science, law, economics (sometimes called the dismal science) and history. Over the years I have gathered together a number of books related to these topics and built a small library of what I call liberty titles, or, my Liberty Library. Here is a short list …

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