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Feb 27

The New York Pass*

When visiting a city the size of New York, it is difficult to narrow down the best sights to see if you are limited to only one day. Most of the attractions listed herein are consider to be the highlights of a visit to New York City. In previous articles I have written about my …

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Dec 04

Frustration in NYC

Wednesday, December 3rd, I ventured to the Big Apple mostly because I stumbled into a discount ticket deal last month and thought I would take advantage of the low cost trip to get a couple of things done. Number one on the list was to visit the Chinese embassy and request clarification about some of …

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Sep 30

June visits with her family.

This past weekend, I hosted my long time student, June Zhu, her husband, Leo and their lovely daughter, TT. I am especially fond of little TT, because in spite of June scheduling her lessons early in the morning before TT wakes up, the little darling sometimes awakens before the lesson is finished. When that happens, …

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Jul 17

Three Sunsets

Three Sunsets by Kevin Neary I snapped the picture as the sun set between the buildings on West 111th Street. The light and shadow were stunning. * The next day I sat for an aeon staring at a sunset on canvas. Expansive, glowing, red-orange through that massive cloud. * That hot and humid evening in …

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Dec 31


Memory sits with her looking glass and the thought of the days passed. The reflections within a distant haze…never clear if life is dream. Beauty fades and yet, there, lingers memory. *** Sculptor, Daniel Chester French created this marble version in 1917. Perhaps French’s most famous work was that of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial …

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Dec 13

Subscriptions and More Photo Sales

In addition to selling a selection of photographic prints, I had another idea to boost the travel funds. In January, I will offer a “subscription” option for those of you who wish to help support the blog. As regular readers know, I put a fair amount of time into researching and writing this blog. For …

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Dec 13


In classic art the season of winter is often portrayed as a blustering and bearded, old man. By contrast, the sculpture titled Winter, by Antoine Houdon, is a stark depiction of a woman, bare-bottomed and shoeless with nothing more than a shawl to protect her from the elements. It is shocking to the senses. One …

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Dec 07


  Perseus with the Head of Medusa. This area was very crowded at the time I took the picture. I admit this is not one of my better photographs. However, the story of Perseus as another popular character from Greek Mythology is rich in details of how places received their names and all intertwined with …

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Dec 06


  In Greek Mythology, Orpheus was recognized as the greatest musician and poet. It was said that his talent was so spectacular he could charm wild animals and cause inanimate objects to come to life! Orpheus also had a religious cult named after him, Orphism.    

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Dec 05

Alpheus and Arethusa

  Alpheus and Arethusa Another tale of love from ancient Greek Mythology. This link offers more information on the topic of love in mythology. There are also some fun exercises to test your knowledge.

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