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Jun 19


The great American composer,George Gershwin, was well known for some classics in the American repertoire of music. Songs like; Someone to Watch Over Me, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, Rhapsody in Blue and many more. Gershwin wrote Porgy and Bess an American opera that debuted on Broadway in 1935 – a folk opera based …

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Jun 11

“…If I knew the way I would take you home.”

One of my favorite songs from the Grateful Dead repertoire was first released in 1970 on the album titled, American Beauty. It became a signature tune especially as part of the second set and most often as an encore. The song lyrics were written by that (not so) silent member of the group, Robert …

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Apr 10

Merle Haggard

Last week one of Country Music’s great singer/songwriters passed on. Merle Haggard, one of the creators of the “Bakersfield sound”, died at home surrounded by family and friends. Merle was 79 and had battled cancer for several years. A prolific songwriter with an authentic country twang that could be heard for decades all across America …

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Aug 01

August is Jerry Garcia Month.

August 9, 2015. It has 20 years since Jerry passed and the background music to my life hasn’t been the same since. Jerry Garcia, (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) His candle burned brightly and his candle burned out much too soon. Sometimes, sadly, early death is the counter-weight to immense talent. In a …

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Jul 06

Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue by Kevin Neary * It came out of the blue (1) as I drifted in and out of sleep on a train bound for Shanghai. Long ago I cast my fate to the wind (2) and nothing will ever change that (3). Spent a lifetime and traveled down the ancient highway …

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May 24

American Pie

In 1972, Don McLean wrote the song American Pie. A catchy little tune with an easy to remember refrain. For any American of high school or collage age at the time, the song was clearly understood as a lament to the loss of innocence our culture was enduring. There are many pop-culture references about art, …

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Mar 13

The Rocky Road to Dublin

In recognition of the upcoming annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities, (previous St. Paddy’s Day posts here and here) I offer the lyrics to this rousing Irish jig titled, THE ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN. ‘Tis a comical tale of a young lad who departs from his home seeking work as a field hand. Soon after bidding …

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Feb 13

Johnny Cash

J. R. (Johnny) Cash was a well known balladeer of the 20th Century and famous in the American Country Music genre. His rich baritone voice was heard for decades on radio stations and juke boxes across the land. Johnny Cash came from very humble beginnings. A family of poor sharecroppers in the southern state of Arkansas. Cash’s song writing …

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Dec 31

Good-bye, December – 2014

“Time for reflection. Winter is here…” * * As we close out the month of December, I like to reflect on the previous 12 months. Sometimes I am even lucky enough to have learned something during the course of the year! Milepost — This blog surpassed the 200 posts marker! That was my big achievement …

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Nov 29

Old and in the Way.

*** Old And In The Way by David Grisman * Chorus Old and in the way That’s what I heard him say They used to heed the words he said But that was yesterday Coal will turn to gray And youth will fade away They’ll never care about you Cause you’re old and in the …

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