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Jan 03

Johnny Appleseed

Born September 26, 1774, in the town of Leominster, Massachusetts, John Chapman – aka Johnny Appleseed was an American pioneer frontiersman. In American folklore his name is legendary, but much of the legend is simply blown out of proportion. Many myths surround his life-story, but one thing is for sure; he was responsible for propagating …

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Nov 24

Two Temples in Taipei

In Taiwan there is a noticeable difference from Mainland China with respect to the practice of religion within the culture. In the previous article I mentioned that Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai Shek became Christians. There are many Christians in Taiwan as well as practitioners of Eastern religions of Buddhism and Taoism. During this trip …

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Aug 22

Thunder and Lightning

This summer the Pocono Mountains offered some exceedingly hot and intensely humid weather for an unusually extended stretch of days – turning into about 4 full weeks. Last night, that heat wave broke and night sleeping was, once again, a pleasant rest instead of a torturous, sweaty and fatiguing experience. During this period of tropical …

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Aug 11

The Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event in August. This year’s display is said to be the best in 20 years with the possibility of seeing as many as 200 per hour! I am hoping that the sky clears for the full view. To the right is an image of the constellation Perseus. No …

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Jul 29

Diana — goddess of hunting and wild animals.

The poem, Diana of the Hunt, was written by a somewhat obscure American poet named, Forceythe Willson. Diana of the Hunt By Forceythe Willson All can see, in the shining places, Vestiges of her classic graces; Where her footsteps, fleet and stark, Have beautifully embossed the dark. We know indeed, that the stately and golden …

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Mar 04

Fat Tuesday

* Mardi Gras, translated from French means Fat Tuesday (also known as Shrove Tuesday), is a holiday celebrated in Catholic communities around the world . It is a traditional celebration on the last day before Lent, the beginning of a period of fasting. The “Carnival Season” begins on Kings Day or Epiphany and ends on …

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Feb 08

Alan Watts Blues

  Alan Watts Blues (listen here or in China follow this link**) * Well, I’m taking some time with my quiet friend Well, I’m takin’ some time on my own Well, I’m makin’ some plans for my getaway There’ll be blue skies shining up above When I’m cloud hidden, cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown Well, I’ve …

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Jan 30

Dreams, Mythology & Symbols.

  Mythological figures were an ongoing theme in many post from last year. I shared a number of photographs of sculpture. Characters from ancient mythology are often the subject of music, paintings, sculpture and other forms of art. In this article, I want to share some material to provide a little deeper understanding of …

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Jan 21


Puccini’s classic opera, Madame Butterfly was the first live opera performance I ever attended. (A point of interest for those inclined to listen to a radio broadcast of Madame Butterfly, The Metropolitan Opera will play it on February 1st.) Follow this link to the MET opera live on the radio. Prior to seeing opera live, …

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Dec 07


  Perseus with the Head of Medusa. This area was very crowded at the time I took the picture. I admit this is not one of my better photographs. However, the story of Perseus as another popular character from Greek Mythology is rich in details of how places received their names and all intertwined with …

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