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Jan 13

Old Friends

A few months before the holidays, I made plans to meet-up with a few old friends for dinner. For many people the holiday season is usually too busy with family and sometimes work related celebrations, so we set the date for early in the new year. My old childhood pal, Quinn, with whom I share …

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Oct 18

Picasso Sculpture at MoMA

In previous posts here and here, I have asserted my mixed feelings about Modern Art. There are some works that I thoroughly enjoy and many others from the genre that I consider to be less than worthless…in a word – rubbish. I’ve never cared for most of Picasso’s work. For me Cubism is just eh. …

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Oct 16

The High Line, NYC

Throughout New York city there is an ongoing and wide scale land use (should read – land re-use) beautification project. The goal is to develop neglected and blighted properties into green-space and parks. The High Line in Manhattan is one such project and the final section was completed last year. The park runs along …

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Feb 27

The New York Pass*

When visiting a city the size of New York, it is difficult to narrow down the best sights to see if you are limited to only one day. Most of the attractions listed herein are consider to be the highlights of a visit to New York City. In previous articles I have written about my …

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Dec 22

Flying into Newark International Airport…

…and getting out. NOTE** It may be useful to start reading at the bottom of this post to learn all of the abbreviations. This may make it easier to understand your first reading. For travelers wishing to visit New York City I always recommend flying in to Newark instead of JFK or La Guardia airports, …

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Dec 13

Links for fun!

This past year, many of my students have had an opportunity to be introduced to the fun blog Wait But Why There are usually interesting topics to ponder there. My favorite for this year was How to Pick a Life Partner. If you are single you should read this before you rush into something you …

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Dec 04

Frustration in NYC

Wednesday, December 3rd, I ventured to the Big Apple mostly because I stumbled into a discount ticket deal last month and thought I would take advantage of the low cost trip to get a couple of things done. Number one on the list was to visit the Chinese embassy and request clarification about some of …

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Sep 30

June visits with her family.

This past weekend, I hosted my long time student, June Zhu, her husband, Leo and their lovely daughter, TT. I am especially fond of little TT, because in spite of June scheduling her lessons early in the morning before TT wakes up, the little darling sometimes awakens before the lesson is finished. When that happens, …

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Aug 03

Central Park, New York

When we think of New York City, we conjure images of skyscrapers, bustling crowds, a plethora of art and cultural events, an abundance of restaurants and a melting pot of virtually every ethnicity and nationality from around the globe. Most visitors think of Manhattan when you say NYC, but the city is actually comprised of …

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Feb 03

The Guggenheim Museum in NYC

In 1953, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to design the Solomon Guggenheim Museum. Wright was invited to put on an exhibition dedicated to his concept of the Usonian House. It was titled; 60 Years of Living Architecture — The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright. By that time, Wright was well recognized world-wide and highly acclaimed …

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