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Jul 12

Cooking with Charcoal

In the summertime outdoor cooking can almost be imperative, because cooking inside the house becomes unbearably hot. Use of charcoal for cooking outdoors is one way to avoid heating up the house. Additionally, cooking with charcoal in winter months can help to add a little variety to the daily menu at home. Some basics; For …

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Jul 30

Dutch Oven Cookery

For centuries people have cooked on an open fire and used some form of clay, ceramic, iron or steel vessel to contain the food during the cooking process. In Japan the traditional cookware for hot-pot are called tetsunabe. They are made of clay or cast iron. Throughout the Balkan region they use what is known …

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Jun 19

Barbeque – a summertime favorite.

The warm weather has arrived in the Northern climates and that means many people are doing more cooking outdoors. The process of cooking outside on wood fire, charcoal (or briquettes) or on a propane grill is usually referred to as barbequing — also seen written as Bar-B-Que or BBQ. Down under in Australia they call …

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