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Apr 28


The flight was a little rough and booking it for late in the day was a mistake. I hate checking into hotel late at night. I still had a head cold and needed a good night sleep, but that was not likely as I checked in after midnight. Anyway, up in the morning for breakfast …

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Apr 27


Taking the high-speed rail again, this time to Shanghai a city of 23 million (+ or – depending on how you count), the biggest city I have ever visited. A city that appears to be highly modernized, yet when you scratch the surface there are still some relics of the past. On one side of …

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Apr 23

High-Speed Rail to Jinan

Jinan (population 8 million) – “city of springs” – 72 natural springs and the home of the ancient politician and philosopher, Confucius. The train I boarded in Beijing is a regular run between the Capital and Shanghai, with a stop in Jinan. I was duly impressed with China’s high-speed rail system! It is clean, efficient and …

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Apr 21

Beijing, The Forbidden City and Falling on the Great Wall.

Beijing, a city of more than 19 million (+or – a few million depending on how you count), is the seat of China’s national government and home to many famous ancient cultural attractions The vibe of this city is busy, bustling, crowded and everyone is in a huge hurry. The fast pace is typical of …

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Apr 19

Final night – trip summary

I am back home from my trip to China. Walked through the door of my place the night before last, April 18th at 10 PM Eastern time. I was too wired to go to sleep and needed to eat and shower. I did not sleep a wink on the plane, so I was awake for …

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Mar 18

Momo’s second visit.

Student, Momo from Zheng Zhou, came for a second visit this weekend. Our weather was still quite cold and a fair amount of snow remains on the ground making for unsure footing while out walking. We did manage to visit the barn. Meeting a horse was a first experience for Momo. I enjoy when Momo …

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Jan 08


The past few days have been the typical January weather with severe cold that was made much worse by strong winds. This is referred to as the Wind Chill Factor. Wind combined with cold temperatures compound the dangerous risk of frostbite and hypothermia. Fortunately, the sun has been shining although it seemed to make little …

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Dec 03


Andromeda and the Sea Monster is another sculpture based on Classic Greek Mythology and on exhibit at the MET. Follow this link to learn of her story. In the coming days, I will post the last of the MET sculpture pictures taken with the Pentax K30 this past summer.  

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Sep 05

More MET Sculpture.

A follow up to my recent blog-post titled The MET Sculpture Gardens, I want to share more photos with my readers. One of my favorite sections of the MET is the American Wing, exhibits #700 – 774. Of particular interest is #700, the atrium, a stunningly beautiful room with an abundant amount of natural light. …

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Aug 28

Sigma 70 – 300mm F4 – 5.6 DG Macro lens

In another article in April, I wrote about the Pentax K30 with 18 – 135mm lens. I have been using the camera for about 5 months and really like it. The color, clarity and contrast offered by this digital format lens is very impressive and so far, I have only shot in the automatic mode. …

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