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Nov 01

Sugar Mountain and The Circle Game

In 1964, Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young penned the song Sugar Mountain. It is a lament about growing up and being forced to leave the easy days of childhood behind.   “Sugar Mountain“ by Neil Young Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain With the barkers and the colored balloons, You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain …

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Oct 15

Dylan receives Nobel Prize in Literature.

In previous posts both here and here, I shared information and resources to learn about poetry, how to study it, to understand it and how to write it. I also pointed out that there has been a long relationship between poetry and musical lyrics. Some would argue that music is not poetry and visa versa …

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Jul 04

An American Tune

Paul Simon wrote An American Tune in 1973. It was a troubled period for America. The U.S. Government had fought to a stalemate the very unpopular Vietnam War, but not before it had inflicted a bitter cynicism among many citizens, particularly after incidents like the Kent State massacre. Followed by the self destruction of the …

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Jun 16

On Living.

*** Dum vivimus vivamus While we live, let us live! *** *** Something to do. Someone to love. Something to look forward. I am not sure of who said this first but it expresses a profound understanding of a life of fulfillment. * Setting goals and working to achieve them is vitally important to living …

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Nov 24

2 Poems by Kipling with a relevant and timely essay.

After returning home from my recent trip to Europe, I stumbled into an essay by the very talented John Derbyshire. The piece titled, When foreigners were funny, was written more than 8 years ago, but still quite relevant to current cultural events. Derbyshire highlights two poems by Rudyard Kipling. the first, titled The Stranger and …

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Nov 01

Lunar Cycles and Planetary Alignments.

  Another Lunar Cycle Passes by Kevin Neary * The full Hunter’s moon rising high in October’s evening sky. A hint of wood smoke on the breeze the scent of over-ripe apples from a neighboring orchard of trees the musty fragrance of dead and decaying oak leaves. * Close my eyes and dream away just …

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Jul 06

Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue by Kevin Neary * It came out of the blue (1) as I drifted in and out of sleep on a train bound for Shanghai. Long ago I cast my fate to the wind (2) and nothing will ever change that (3). Spent a lifetime and traveled down the ancient highway …

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May 24

American Pie

In 1972, Don McLean wrote the song American Pie. A catchy little tune with an easy to remember refrain. For any American of high school or collage age at the time, the song was clearly understood as a lament to the loss of innocence our culture was enduring. There are many pop-culture references about art, …

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Dec 09


Alone by Kevin Neary * A hollow hole An emptiness that knows not why At the core of the soul Enough to bring tear to the eye Was it caused by all the lies deception and betrayal This palpable sense of nothingness Leaves unfulfilled the quest For the thing that is missing That indescribable, forever sense …

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Nov 22

Poetry as Art.

A poem written by Archibald MacLeish, titled ARS POETICA, is useful as an example of what one poet believes poetry is. From the Latin; Ars = art + Poetica = poetry = poetry as art. Ars Poetica A poem should be palpable and mute As a globed fruit Dumb As old medallions to the thumb …

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