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Oct 21


  From the little acorn grows the mighty oak. * Acorns are the seed fruit of the oak tree. Here in the Eastern U.S. we have an abundance of acorns that come falling down with the leaves in autumn. As children we used to gather large bags of them for weeks and then have a …

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Sep 04

Raising chickens (and ducks) for eggs and meat.

Most eggs purchased in the supermarket are quite old and tasteless. The shells are soft, the yolk is pale and the white is usually runny like water. These are all indications the eggs are not optimally fresh and come from a super-size production farm. Buying fresh local eggs from a small farm will provide your …

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Nov 02


In this part of the country Winter can be severely cold for extended periods. Many people opt for a supplemental heat source using a wood-burning stove. Keeping the stove stoked requires having plenty of wood on hand. For many people, the gathering, cutting, splitting and stacking of wood is a major part of their activity …

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Sep 09

Basic Life Skills

In this post I want to offer a list of skills that I believe every adult should possess. Skills that may one day save your life or the life of another. Skills that simply make sense for us to know. Skills that any adult should be able to perform with a reasonable degree of proficiency. …

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Feb 23

Ice Fishing

It was a mild February day about 40 years ago when I experienced my first dose of frost-bite. I had a plan to go ice fishing that day, but never had a chance to get set up. I was dragging my sled with gear and bait out to an area where I had much success …

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Jan 26


  It is still very cold here. So, I thought I would share some links on surviving extreme cold temperatures. Also, check this very thorough link. Extreme cold temperatures are hard on the human body, hard on animals/livestock and hard on machinery. Layers of protective clothes, lotions and oils for lips and exposed skin are …

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