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Jan 01

A 10,000 Year Clock?

In my ramblings around the interwebs I occasionally stumble into some fascinating websites with captivating reading material. One such site called, longnow.com offered an article about the development of a 10,000 year clock! Yes, that’s right, a very curious concept for development of a clock, that is currently under construction, by a host of interesting …

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Mar 13

Who was Copernicus?

My frustration with the time change has been perennially documented in the pages of this blog, also see here. Changing the time on the face of a clock biennially doesn’t change the number of daylight hours in a 24 hour period. Today, in the U.S. we return to the task of changing the time on …

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Oct 31


I’ve posted about it before. To me it is a big nuisance and makes for a few confusing days of scheduling before I fully adjust. It really doesn’t effect most of my students, but I always post an advisory in case I miscalculate the time of someone’s lesson. Tonight we change our clocks back one …

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Nov 02

Daylight Savings Time

Tonight, across most of Canada, the United States, Europe and a few other countries, people will reset their clocks backward, by 1 hour. In my opinion it is possibly one of the more silly things that we do. Here is a map of countries that do or do not observe the silliness. Russel Means, a …

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