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Oct 25

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) extends from Maine to Georgia. Covering nearly 2,200 miles (3,500 km.) and traversing 14 states- heading north from Georgia, into North Carolina, then Tennessee, on through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and finally, culminating in the woods of Maine. Meandering through many …

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Oct 10

The Colorado Cannabis Scene

As a follow-up to my post about recent travels to Denver, Co. I mentioned in that article the state of Colorado has legalized cannabis for adult use in the privacy of their own home. Under Colorado law it is now lawful for an individual to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis per day. Here …

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Oct 09

Old cameras, collectibles and curios.

*Climbing winding roads up through sandstone walled canyons that trace back into the heart of frozen granite rock and icy water – a place where the rivers change direction.* * The Front Range of the Colorado Rockies runs north and south along the I-25 corridor between Pueblo, Colorado. and Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is a stunningly …

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Oct 01

Denver revisited

Denver, Colorado — the “Mile High City” (Denver sits on a plateau above the Great Plains at an elevation of 5,240 feet above sea level), Queen City of the Plains, Bronco-ville and even Wall Street of the West are some of the nicknames given to this once sleepy big town/small city on the Front Range …

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Apr 18

America’s National Parks

From A- for Acadia, N.P. in Maine to Z- for Zion, N.P. in Utah, there are a total of 58 national parks across the U.S.A. adding up to more than 83 million acres of land. Follow this link to learn about the history of the National Parks. The National Park system celebrates its centennial this …

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Mar 06

Some Thoughts on Travel

Regular readers of this blog will deduce that travel is an enjoyable pastime of the author. Whether traveling domestically or across international borders there are many benefits gained from travel. Great poets have written about traveling. Famous writers have used travel as a sort of muse to awaken their creative genius. Throughout human history, esteemed …

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Dec 12

Year-End Wrap-Up 2015.

We have an unknown yet finite number of years and each passing month, each changing season and each fading year is one less that we will experience and enjoy again…another closer to the last. * 2015 -whew! This year flew by faster than any I can remember….perhaps in reality, as I get older I just …

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Nov 21

Changes in Holland

I took advantage of a discount flight to Amsterdam last week. If you shop for off-season hotel and airfare bargains you can save a good bit of money on international travel. This autumn has been quite mild in much of the Euro-Zone and in much of the U.S. The weather in Holland was rainy but, …

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Oct 16

The High Line, NYC

Throughout New York city there is an ongoing and wide scale land use (should read – land re-use) beautification project. The goal is to develop neglected and blighted properties into green-space and parks. The High Line in Manhattan is one such project and the final section was completed last year. The park runs along …

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Sep 17

China End of Summer

In a series of posts about my first visit to China, I shared information about culture, history and food in four cities. At the end of this summer, I had an opportunity to return to China. During this visit, I spent most of my time within Shandong province (read about it in this post), but …

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