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Oct 12

Personal Safety and Self Defense.

As the evening darkness advances a little earlier this time of year, it is important to be more vigilant to the perils of street crime. Car prowls, purse snatches and muggings increase as the holiday shopping season approaches. Walking with a friend and staying along well-lit streets and parking areas at night are two basic …

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Sep 27

Visiting Guests From China and Another Day Trip to NYC

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar this year their Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated in September and many of my regular students were on holiday. Here is an interesting site called ChineseTools. It has some resources that can be helpful for non-Chinese to understand Chinese culture. This past week, one of my students, Vivian, her husband …

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Mar 21

Nuts and dried fruit.

Recently, I found a terrific source for nuts. Specifically, whole, raw cashews and pistachios. In searching for a supplier of nuts, I found that most companies do the unthinkable — roasting nuts in oil! This is completely unnecessary, because raw nuts are loaded with their own natural oil and do not need any additional …

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Jan 17

Introducing a cultural immersion – home stay.

It was brought to my attention that students of English as a second language are often interested in expanding their understanding of American culture. Many ESL students live in densely populated cities where outdoor activities are limited or they must travel a far distance to enjoy the natural world. Experiencing delicious fresh food from a …

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Jan 07

Day Hikes in NEPA

Another activity to plan during the winter months is hiking in the many forest and parks of Pennsylvania. Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) offers some good hiking opportunities. Here is a picture of my old hiking buddy, Homer on his Odyssey. These first four hikes are in sequence along a section of the Appalachian Trail. Much of …

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Jan 01

Philippines 2010

This article was modified from a review I wrote of my 2010 trip to the Philippines. That review was written in email format and sent to family and friends. I edited some things and added hyper-links for further explanation and deeper exploration of the subject. This trip to the Philippines was very interesting and served …

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Sep 24

Visiting MoMA and what is great art?

I am intrigued by some works of Modern Art. Acknowledged masters like Salvador Dali (surrealism), Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau (post-impressionist), Georges Seurat (pointillism), Andrew Wyeth (realism), and others have often times offered us a view of the world from an obscure perspective. Sometimes we are given a chance to see into the …

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Jun 19

Amsterdam Weekend

While visiting in London this past March, we decided to take a weekend trip across the English Channel to Amsterdam, Holland, also known as The Netherlands. Amsterdam is a lovely city offering good food, art, architecture, a lively night scene, coffeeshops, shopping, and a very friendly atmosphere. It is an easy hop from London Heathrow …

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Jun 02

London 2012

  My flight to London/Heathrow was scheduled to arrive at 6:50 but due to strong tailwinds we were ahead of schedule by almost an hour. It was my first bit of travel to go with only carry-on luggage. The case I got for carry-on fit all required dimensions and I packed most of my things …

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