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Jan 21

More about firewood…

For folks who live the countryside and use wood to heat their homes, there is a lot involved with respect to acquiring the right kind of wood, seasoned to the proper degree and cut to the correct size for your wood burner. In this previous post I shared some pictures of a local wood lot …

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Dec 31

Good-bye, December – 2014

“Time for reflection. Winter is here…” * * As we close out the month of December, I like to reflect on the previous 12 months. Sometimes I am even lucky enough to have learned something during the course of the year! Milepost — This blog surpassed the 200 posts marker! That was my big achievement …

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Dec 09


Alone by Kevin Neary * A hollow hole An emptiness that knows not why At the core of the soul Enough to bring tear to the eye Was it caused by all the lies deception and betrayal This palpable sense of nothingness Leaves unfulfilled the quest For the thing that is missing That indescribable, forever sense …

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Dec 04

Frustration in NYC

Wednesday, December 3rd, I ventured to the Big Apple mostly because I stumbled into a discount ticket deal last month and thought I would take advantage of the low cost trip to get a couple of things done. Number one on the list was to visit the Chinese embassy and request clarification about some of …

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Nov 02


In this part of the country Winter can be severely cold for extended periods. Many people opt for a supplemental heat source using a wood-burning stove. Keeping the stove stoked requires having plenty of wood on hand. For many people, the gathering, cutting, splitting and stacking of wood is a major part of their activity …

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Oct 11

After Apple Picking

The great America poet, Robert Frost is a perennial favorite here on the blog. At this time of year I thought it would be appropriate to offer one of his harvest themes. Go here to find more Frost on my blog After Apple Picking By Robert Frost   My long two-pointed ladder’s sticking through a …

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Mar 18

Momo’s second visit.

Student, Momo from Zheng Zhou, came for a second visit this weekend. Our weather was still quite cold and a fair amount of snow remains on the ground making for unsure footing while out walking. We did manage to visit the barn. Meeting a horse was a first experience for Momo. I enjoy when Momo …

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Mar 15

Spring Break

Another of my students from China, is a visiting scholar at Penn State University. She will be here for one year researching the American education system. Her first big surprise was the amount of snow we’ve had this year and the very cold temperatures. I know she is looking forward to spring, as we all …

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Mar 03

My Little Wheelbarrow

My little wheelbarrow by Kevin Neary My little wheelbarrow lay frozen in the snow So much so that I know it surely will not go *** In my relentless search for interesting and informative source material, I stumbled into this very cool site. Many people mistakenly say, wheel-barrel, but that is not the correct word …

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Feb 23

Ice Fishing

It was a mild February day about 40 years ago when I experienced my first dose of frost-bite. I had a plan to go ice fishing that day, but never had a chance to get set up. I was dragging my sled with gear and bait out to an area where I had much success …

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