Feb 11

The Georgia Aquarium

On day two of my recent visit to Atlanta, Pi and I went to the Georgia Aquarium. As I discovered with the Coca-Cola Museum, the cost of entertaining kids while on holiday is steep! Entrance for adults is just shy of $40 and $35 for kids. There is no argument that this was a well maintained facility with plenty of exciting exhibits, but after a two hour walk around including the 30 minute dolphin show (if you sit in the first 10 rows, be prepared to get wet!) there really isn’t much else to see. I suppose the high cost may be attributed to the fact that such a facility is expensive to maintain and tourists ticket costs may also off-set the cost of the many educational programs for local school children too.

The deadly Piranha of the Amazon River.






While photography was not permitted during the dolphin show, I did manage to get a few really clear and bright pictures of the various tanks.


There were open tanks of starfish and sea anemone available for kids to handle similar to a petting zoo.

This walkway gives visitors a view from under the sea.

The lion fish.





Fun for kids to look into some of the tanks for a closer view of the penguins.

A colorful array of tropical fish.

The Beluga Whale

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