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Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin is recognized by many as the father of modern sculpture. He was a gifted and prolific creator of art sculpture. As any knowledgeable artist understands, the way of success (or certainly keeping food on the table) is to reproduce, reproduce, reproduce! Bronze is a media that lends itself nicely to that concept. Read here for an explanation of how that was accomplished. For a chronology of his life and work follow this link.

The tragically sad tale of his former student, lover and the woman who eventually became his contemporary, Camille Claudel is also worth reading about here. And here.

Here is information on the film about her life. I saw it many years ago and thought the acting was excellent. The story line is gripping. It is truly tragic that such a highly talented artist could meet such an sad and lonely fate.

One of Rodin’s famous sculpture is The Thinker; There is one cast of it on display at the MET. There are some 28 monumental-size versions and here is the world-wide list of their locations.

The Thinker

The Thinker

Another of marble, Beside the Sea is on exhibit at the MET. It is petite and lovely pure white.

Beside the Sea

Beside the Sea

And Eternal Springtime, which was first titled Zephyr and Earth, then later exhibited as Cupid and Psyche. Linking mythological characters to such art was an attempt to legitimize its eroticism.

Both of the previous pieces exhibit the veiled quality of carving that is associated with his later career.

The Martyr is another well know piece by Rodin but not much to my liking.


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    Very often less is more; I really liked this article, looking at the photographs of some of his works and perusing the links.

    The Autumn leaves give lovely colours to the page.

    1. Though the articles are sometimes short, I try to pack some good hyperlinks within each articles to make it informative and interesting.
      Thank you for continuing to follow my blog. It is good to know someone is reading it! 😉

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